WoW Shadowlands pre-patch guide

World of Warcraft is releasing its 8th major expansion pack in Shadowlands. Before its release on November 23, WoW Shadowlands released its pre-patch introducing players to its new expansion.

Here is everything you need to know!

Death Rising Event

A limited event is going to be released as well. Players will go on some quests and missions and prepare for the their journey into the Shadowlands

Levels, Items, and Stats Adjusted

Characters at level 120 will become level 50 when the Shadowland update comes. Leveling which also includes characters stats and items are adjusted as well. 

New Character Customization

A new user interface and character customization are added as well, some of these are selecting eye color, new skin tones, new hairstyles and hair/fur colors. New styles for Druids are also available at Barber Shops, from changing appearance in shapeshifting forms to ability to swap genders.

New Starting Experience

Available to both experienced and the new players, a new starting experience called Exiles Reach.

Timewalk Campaign

For experienced players and reached level 50, they can select different expansions to level through their new character. 

Newcomer Chat & Guide System

If you’re new to the game you will enter the newcomer chat channel where you can chat with other new players and experience players  that can be your guide.

Flying Warlords of Draenor & Legion

You don’t have to earn the achievement of Draenor Pathfinder and Broken Isles Pathfinder part two, in order to fly in Warlords of Draenor and Legion

Allied Races

Unlocking Allied Races has been made easy well since it won’t require you to reach exalted reputation with the racist associated faction.

Black Market Auction House

WoW shadowlands, also made a few changes to the auction house. Along with the other updates, now sold auctions will be seen together with the buyer, or with the better player’s name, a personal auction can now be sorted by the time remaining.


Changes on non periodic damage and healing abilities, power word, area target can be cast at player’s position. Some abilities that reduce healing are doubled against creatures, but will remain the same against players. And other major changes on the individual class sections.

Corrupted Items

All the corrupted items in the previous versions are going to be cleaned because here in the latest version we are not going to have any.

Items and Rewards

Some characters can now have items that they weren’t able to get in the previous versions of the game. Some examples are rank 4 essences are no longer obtainable, also the memory of lucid dreams now affects holy power instead of shield the righteous paladins.


As the Battle for Azeroth Season 4 ends, their seasonal achievements will no longer be available. Earned gladiator can be used on all characters in the same account. Removing control-impairing effects are back as PvP option that can be purchased. 

User Interface

Navigation markers, and pins and other map interactions. Quest tracker also has a new interface. Player spells have been rearranged and a more organized interface for each class. New quick keybind mode option  for adjusting key bindings. The item sets tab has been removed in the Adventure guide. Countdown timer for group leaders, UI scale settings has been moved to the graphics section. New accessibility options available. Credit screen has been updated as well. 

Brawler’s Guild

Is now temporarily closed

WoW Companion App

If you install the mobile app Legion missions and followers are now available. Also you can get the latest WoW news with this mobile app

Video chapters

00:00 Intro
00:30 Death Rising Event
01:00 Levels, Items, and Stats Adjusted
01:34 New Character Customization
02:00 Druid Appearance
02:35 New Starting Experience
03:11 Timewalk Campaign
04:03 Newcomer Chat & Guide System
05:32 Flying WoD & Legion
06:00 Allied Races
06:47 Auction House
07:21 Black Market Auction House
07:50 Classes
09:20 Corrupted Items
09:55 Items and Rewards
13:37 Player versus Player
15:02 User Interface
18:20 Brawler’s Guild
18:35 WoW Companion App

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