WoW Shadowlands Best Mythic Plus Tank

As with any World of Warcraft expansion, Shadowlands has already included class updates.  So before the release of Shadowlands, let us take you to the latest changes for the Tank class and how they impact other classes and their performance in mythic plus.

Brewmaster Monk 

Damage increased and buffed for the breath of fire, scalding brew and evasive stride but some nerf for celestial brew and purifying brew. This class excels with physical damage but it lacks magic damage, it also has a good mobility. Overall the class is good, simple gameplay but like any other classes it has weaknesses as well. 

Protection Paladin

This class is known for its insane damage output, with that vengeful shock will be nerfed, but still this class can have a high damage output. It also has a long cooldown defensive so make sure to use his abilities wisely. All in all, protection paladin is still a solid option for WoW tank players.

Guardian Druid

This class wasn’t so much effective in beta since it was low damage and some problems with aggro, with that in the latest update, frenzied regen and conduits; unchecked aggression and save combatant were buffed. Unlike the Protection Paladin this class has a strong defensive cooldown which makes up to the low damage. In general, this class still falls behind in the tank class.

Blood Death Knight

Considered by many players to be a better tank since it performs well. But due to some nerf changes in the conduits such as debilitating malady, bloodbond and meat, survivability and damage output is affected as well. This class excels in dealing with magic damage but weak against physical damage. Overall death knights are still a decent pick, and a balanced tank. 

Vengeance Demon Hunter

Demon hunter has been struggling a lot in the previous patches but it dominates the mythic plus. Compared to protection paladin, it has a higher damage output and an excellent sustainability. Good utility kit, as well a valuable talent, last resort. All in all, a lot of gamers consider demon hunter to be a perfect tank for mythic plus

Protection Warrior

The last tank in our list is the protection warrior. This tank is still having problems with the damage as well with the aggro. Decent amount of physical damage but still lacks dealing with magic damage but is expected to be improved in future updates and patches.  

Let us know if you agree with our list, and which tank you’re considering to play in the Shadowlands

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