Wild Glimmerfur Prowler Rare Mount Guide – Shadowlands WoW – Valfir the Unrelenting

We’ve discussed a number of obtainable mounts and items in WoW, specifically on the easy obtainable Ardenweald mounts. Some are simple and easy, others really offer challenge and patience. Let’s take a look at another mount that you can obtain.

The Wild Glimmerfur Prowler mount is one of the mounts you probably want to have, but it’s harder to obtain than most of the other mounts found in Ardenweald. Not only you have to take on a challenging boss but also hope for that drop chance to be in your favor. In order to do that you have to defeat the boss, Valfir the Unrelenting.

Valfir The Unrelenting

Valfir can be found at the entrance to the maze at the beginning of the Tirna Scithe area in Ardenweald.

Valfir can be challenging to take down since it has a buff called Misty Veil that makes him immune to majority of attacks. So it’s really hard to take on this boss if you’re solo or even a small number of players. 

There are actually 2 ways to easily take on Valfir. First is, if you have a Night Fae covenant player they channel their anima to Tirna Scithe if they have a Tier 3 Anima Conductor. 

After that just head back to the area and you will see the Sparkling Animaseed, only Night Fae Covenant players can see and grab this Animaseed. If you throw it to Valfir, his buff Misty Veil will be removed making it easier to defeat him.

The other way is to gather many sizeable raid groups to damage Valfir down while healers keep them up through his high damage abilities. However this method is longer and more challenging because of Valfir’s buff. 

Anyone can participate in the kill but remember that you need one Night Fae player in order to obtain and use the seed and remove Valfir’s buff. Once you take down Valfir, you will have a drop chance to get the Wild Glimmerfur Prowler mount. There isn’t a phenomenal chance of obtaining the mount but you can always try to defeat and loot Valfir to increase your chance of getting the mount.

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