WE GOT BUFFS! New Update Very Soon For Classes In Shadowlands! – WoW: Shadowlands 9.0

Hot buffs! Get your hot buffs! Here’s what we’re looking at the upcoming Tuesday/Wednesday reset. The next reset holds a lot of juicy updates for classes and specs. Let’s discuss what Blizzard has so far for future updates. 


Blood Death Knight somewhat got updates and buffs to their damage. Mostly to help them have an easier time to tank. However, their defensiveness is sometimes lacking. Blood DK are good for tanking a lot of magic damage. When it comes to physical damage, they can be overpowered with. Bone shield getting a nice armor buff from strength (from the Tuesday/Wednesday update) is a good thing to make Blood DK a little bit tankier. 

For Frost Death Knight, all damage is increased by additional 2% while wielding a two-handed weapon. It is not going to be a massive buff but maybe Blizzard is trying to make this close to dual wheel play style. There’s advantages and disadvantages depending on what weapon you use for Death Knights thus a 2% buff is quite nice. 


Those who have been playing Frost Mage and are hoping Frost will be as instance as it was on Beta were probably disappointed because it is doing very minimal damage. Do not fret, here’s a buff- 9% buff to all of your abilities. However this does mean Fire Mages will roll to Frost Mages in an instant for Castle Nathria and mythic pluses. Those Mages that wanted to play Frost will now more likely want to go back to the favorite spec because the damage should be at least viable. It would not be top tier but in certain situations it could be more competitive. Frost definitely has advantages in mythic plus with all the slows from frost abilities and natural cleave. Frost has a nice tool kit and not having the damage behind that tool kit makes it difficult to pick Frost Mage as a class. 


For Brewmaster and Windwalker, we are seeing a similar change that happened to Frost DK- all damage is increased by additional 2% while a two-handed weapon is equipped.  With this change, Brewmasters and Windwalkers that wanted a two-hand play style will like this update. However, for Monks, it will end up coming down to dual wield play style that is two weapons, one on each hand and that’s two different enchants you could put up on each weapon. Two enchants are way better than one. The 2% damage increase will hopefully help bridge the gap between the dual wield and two-hand play style. 


Assasinaton Rogues, rejoice! 8% buff is granted on all damage abilities. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to playing Assasination and one of them was the damage was very underwhelming. It was unbelievable that Assasination was behind other specs because it was severely underperforming. Thus, hopefully this change will be good and make the spec raid viable and PVE viable.  


Fury Warrior will not be left behind as they receive 8% damage increase for all abilities except for Bladestorm and Dragon Roar. However, we are also seeing a nerf of Meat Cleaver– it will now increase your Whirlwind’s damage by 25% instead of 30%. Bladestorm and Dragon Roar not getting buffs is interesting but these are actually getting a little better when it comes to PVE content. And with the different legendary synergies they have, it probably makes them too strong and too good to play with. 

These updates are not finalized by any measure but does look promising.

Video chapters:

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1:01 Death Knight 

2:28 Mage

3:31 Monk

4:32 Rogue

7:22 Warrior


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