Torghast: Tower of the Damned explained – WoW Shadowlands

Torghast Tower of the Damned is a tower that is located at the very center of The Maw. This is a re-playable endgame scenario that is introduced in the latest release of World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

This Torghast guide is meant to give you a brief overview of what you can expect, how to unlock Torghast, and some of the things that you need to know about how player activity functions in the tower.


You unlock Torghast by pledging yourself to a covenant at level 60. From there onwards you will be offered a quest line that will lead you to The Maw. Introduce yourself to the lands of The Maw, its quests and locations, and then unlock Torghast Tower of the Damned itself.

Along with the Runecarver, once the quest line is finished, Torghast will become available for you to grind in.

A portal at the back end of Ve’nari will take you to Torghast, and Runecarver’s chambers will become easily accessible too.

Torghast Tower

Jailer And His Souls

Torghast is the place where the jailer keeps hidden, his most precious collection of souls. It was created with variety in mind, so every time you enter Torghast, you will have a new experience. Mobs of enemies will change the way they behave or are placed, for instance.

The dungeon will also have a brand new layout that you haven’t seen before, or just different types of enemies spawning there each time you visit it, not to mention Torghast has many levels and the tower will grow stronger each and every time that you visit it.

Side note: to help overcome these challenges, the developers have added in resources along the way which you can gather to increase your powers temporarily to give your load out more of a kick than before.

Character Upgrades

Now, if you’re like me, and wish to upgrade your characters to a maximum in Shadowlands, you will be spending a lot of time here in Torghast and its surroundings.

The dynamic changes to its layout and enemies will make sure that the dungeon does not become stale while you grind. Torghast is also the only source of the new currency “Soul Ash”. Soul Ash is pivotal in Shadowlands as it is the prime currency needed to upgrade and create customizable Legendary Armor to bring the most protection to your characters as possible.

Torghast is also the location where you will find the infamous Runecarver, the being responsible for creating weapons with godly powers such as The Helm of Domination and The Frostmourne, once you have unlocked Runecarver, you can interact with Runecarver to create your own Legendary Gear to get you geared up for battle even further in Shadowlands.

Torghast is an area designed for both a group and solo adventures, you can play it the way you wish to, you can either play with a group of 1 to 5 people, or you can do solo runs, the enemy health and threat levels will adjust accordingly based on your group size and your levels.

As we have mentioned above, Torghast is a crucial part in crafting Legendary Gear for your characters and maximizing their usage, running through Torghast again and again is the only way you will gain Soul Ash which is the only resource important enough to both create and upgrade the Legendary Gear.

As you play through Torghast you will collect Soul Ash and Phantasma, Phantasma is a currency only used in Torghast which will give your characters Anima Powers that will temporarily boost their stats to help you run through Torghast more efficiently, and Soul Ash is the currency you will get with which you will be able to craft and upgrade Legendary Armor, or head to the Runecarver to craft Legendary Gear overall.


The tower has unique behavior, along with dynamically changing layout and increasingly difficult hoards of enemies as your characters ascend the tower. Torghast has its own specific UI, temporary abilities that you can acquire with Phantasma, and unique boss encounters that create for an extremely unique experience.

Grab your buddies or grab your favorite cast of characters and head up to Torghast for some unforgettable challenges that you can repeat again and again!

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