Torghast FASTEST Shaman Build I Get that SOUL ASH! I Shadowlands World of Warcraft

Let’s find out the state of the Shaman in Torghast. Torghast is the Tower of the Damned located at the heart of The Maw, where the Jailer hoards his most precious souls. 

It is getting challenging as you reach level 4, 5, 6 and by the time you get to level 6, have you accumulated enough to beat your single target boss? Resto is the key to get this done every single week without breaking a sweat. The kit of a Resto Shaman does a lot of damage. Resto has the same anima powers, same abilities as an Ele Shaman does except for the cooldowns and other abilities like storm keeper or fire elemental. However, it still has lava burst, chain lightning, lightning bolt, flame/frost shock and the healing kit. Blizzard scaled down the hp mobs for Resto. The last boss has a lot of health and will take a while to defeat the boss, but with the right build you will get past it. You need to do Torghast every week to max out the amount of soul ash. Soul ash is used for legendary crafting. You can only go so far and get so much soul ash but you need to make sure you are maximizing that every week. You’ll never go wrong with Resto if you just want to do things lightly, the only abilities you need are flame shock and lava burst. Using lightning bolt as a filler, frost shock to slow them down then use your chain lightning as AOE. 

Resto Shaman has a higher proc rate of lava surge than Ele Shaman does so you are actually getting more procs off. Taking earthenware totem is good for tanking multiple mobs as well as root totem. 

Restoration Shaman State in Shadowlands Alpha - Battle Shaman, Earth  Shield, Covenant Abilities - Wowhead News
Resto Shaman

POWER UPS you need to focus on:

Elemental core 

Each lava surge you buff increases the damage of lava bursts by one percent. Lava burst does a ton of damage for Resto Shaman, the fact that you can get increased damage and the hp of the mobs scaled down, you are going to be superb. After 50 stacks, the cooldown of lava burst is reduced by fifty percent even enhancing your damage more. If you get this early, you are pretty much done. 


If you can get this high enough, you can actually have your earth Elemental out a lot. Remember you are a healer, you have riptide, healing surge and your mana is not getting ditched by using those heals. Percentage boost your damage- call lightning, increasing your lightning bolt chain lightning by thirty percent damage. Fire damage increases by twenty percent, damage dealt by you and your summons increase the damage. Take anything that says increase in fire or lightning damage. Otherwise, there are some totems. Not having cooldowns does not feel great but you actually will be chunking and the damage is impressive. Each active totem increases your damage and healing by five percent. Placing a totem causes you to drop another random totem. For blood of heroes, your first bloodlust does not count so you can use another one.  Remember, these are the specific ones for Shaman. 

Unattainable waters

Damage reduced by twenty-five percent when you are healed by a healing stream. Vial of soothing waters, healing amount is increased by one hundred percent of your cloud burst healing. Getting a decrease cooldown on your wind shear is huge especially on the last boss for they always have casts and you want to be able to interrupt those as much as possible. Pick up things that are on hit damage or chance on damage to proc more damage. 

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Elemental Shaman

In terms of secondary stats, do not get mastery as it won’t help you for damage. No crit as well as you are going to do lava bursting and grab as well haste and verse. It is recommended to pick up the purple stone soul looking orbs for it will give you more power ups to help you along your path. Once you start to grind through things, you will get power ups non-stop and when you get to the last boss, hopefully you are equipped enough as the Resto Shaman to mow down the boss.

With Resto, it’s a smoother run compared to Ele because of the heals. If you are having trouble or any issues, try Resto for the scaling will definitely help you. 

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