Top 3 Best Skinning Spots (so far!) in Shadowlands

How can you determine if a particular area is the right skinning spot? Generally, if a site has lots of forests and lots of beasts, that can be considered one skinning spot. That is why it is time to talk about all the best skinning spots in Shadowlands.

  1. Glimmerfur Denwatcher in Ardenweald

These are little foxes located on the west side of Ardenweald. You will also see many tree trunks and foxes in this area, but you will also see different beasts like turtles, moths, deers, etc. You can get a minimum of 1200 per hour, but there is also a potential that you can get more.

  1. Agitated Etherwyrm on Bastion

You can see these etherwyrms at a cave in Bastion. In this area, there are three states that the cave can take. First, this area has no competition. Though farming is complicated because you have to go to different floors to farm, you will only get 1100 leather an hour. You have it all by yourself.  Second, If in case another person is there with you. One person can take the top floor while the other takes the bottom floor—no need to run back and forth.

  1. Variation of Beast in Northern Bastion

You may find this variation of beasts in Northern Bastion. In this area, you will see different variations of enemies like the flying lions, deers,  moths, etc. You just have to run around, and you will see six or seven different poles where you can get more than ten enemies each.

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro

01:55 – Glimmerfur Denwatcher on Ardenweald

02:49 – Agitated Etherwyrm on Bastion

04:46 – Variation of Beast in Northern Bastion

05:56 – Outro


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