Top 10 strongest characters in World of Warcraft | Shadowlands updated

What are the most notable characters are in the latest World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion?

Here are the top 10 strongest characters in WoW Shadowlands.

#10 Dreadlords

Even though the dreadlords are not that strong physically as the other characters in WoW shadowlands, it is still considered one of the strongest characters by being a knowledge specialist and investigator. While they are powerful enemies on the battlefield, they also try to turn nations against one another through manipulating skills.

#9 Old Gods

Considered one of the strongest characters in shadowlands is the Old Gods because the void lords sent many of these creatures, flung them across the universe to corrupt slumbering titan world-souls. These immense mountains of flesh, physical manifestations of the Void, grow like cancers within the Great Dark Beyond worlds.

#8 Naaru

The naaru are a race of living, conscious energy creatures comprised of shards of broke Light. They are maybe the most flawless articulation of the Holy Light in the Great Dark Beyond and have promised to carry harmony and want to every human progress and waylay the Void’s powers. They are known to go through measurements and are the sworn adversaries of the Burning Legion. Not all naaru essentially have similar motives. They have their characters and their objectives. Xe’ra and her distinction from other Naaru is an example of this. 

#7 Argus the Unmaker

Argus, “the emerald star,” was the titan world-soul of the eponymous planet Argus. Argus was twisted and corrupted beyond redemption by the Burning Legion. His power harnessed to fuel the demons’ infinite army, permitting them to recover in the Twisting Nether unendingly. The Legion’s association with the world-soul must be cut off to stop the Burning Crusade for the last time. To do this, the Pantheon brought Argus’ spirit to their Seat. The titans likewise utilized the remainder of Argus’ capacity to detain Sargeras until the end of time.

Argus the Unmaker - NPC - World of Warcraft

#6 Titans

Like the Naaru, the Titans are also one of the first-ever created. They are literally walking planets. Occasionally, some planets have a nascent titan in their core that can be colossal if given the environment and protected. And if enough will be awakened, Pantheon, the most powerful being around will be created, and they will essentially have one goal to order the world in their image and search for new titans. 

All Titans in one

#5 Eternal Ones

At times, the Eternal Ones depicted as the Pantheon of Death are the leaders of the Shadowlands. They each lead their own Covenant and domain. The Pantheon of Death set up the Shadowlands as we probably am aware of them. They structure a gathering that keeps up the machine of Death.

Lead Designer Of Warcraft's New Azshara's Eternal Palace Raid Talks Tactics

#4 Void Lords

The void lords are monstrous entities made out of pure shadow energy who rule over the Void, outside the borders of reality. Savage and pitiless past creative mind. They look to turn reality into a domain of everlasting torture and eventually eat up all issues and energy and the universe itself. Notwithstanding, just the most impressive of the void lords can show in the actual universe, weakened, and only for restricted measures of time, for their energies rapidly saturate nothingness. They thus must consume untold amounts of matter and energy to maintain their presence.

Sargeras (Warcraft) vs. Thanos - Battles - Comic Vine

#3 Sargeras

Sargeras is a titan and the maker and head of the Burning Legion. At one time, he was the boss of the Pantheon, picked to protect the universes the titans had requested. Notwithstanding, while he once filled in as a gatekeeper and defender, he later set out to decimate every world-soul and life known to man and fix what the titans had strived for a long time to accomplish. His activities and their belongings made him one of the fundamental foes.

#2 Azeroth

Azeroth is the last remaining titan and the most essential world soul in the universe. People always attack her because all of them believed that if awakened, she will be more powerful than the strongest titan Sargeras and that she would be able to overthrow the void lords.

#1 First Ones

The First Ones are godlike figures presented in the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion pack. Individuals know next to no about them. However, the Brokers and Attendants reference them. The story of the First ones is said to be explained in the expansion.

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