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Have you ever wondered what is the uncelebrated covenant of each class? The following covenants are the least popular, but winning is a thousand times sweeter for these underdogs. These may inspire others to try something new or different. Here are the least favorite covenants available for every single class, mostly for PVE. 


During Alpha and Beta, almost everyone was planning to have a warrior with conquerors banner until Blizzard has done a lot of reworks in order to make the covenants a lot closer. Right now, conquerors banner is a three minute cooldown which plants a banner on the ground granting you and your allies extra critical strike and extra health. Spending rage while the banner is up earns you glory which gives you more critical strike. The banner on its own is not bad. The second ability the Warriors will get with Necrolord is flashcraft– two minutes to be able to give yourself a shield. The shield will consume any corpses around you to amplify it.  

Two good abilities that should come with a covenant that should be pretty decent, but do they really work out that well? Flashcraft is not a bad ability and a variety of classes use it right now before a pull or during transition when you can’t reach the boss but as a tank, you would not use this ability mid combat because during this ability you can’t dodge nor block the enemy attacks. Thus it has limitations which might be one of  the reasons why Warriors don’t pick up this covenant. The conquerors banner does not really have much play but it does have significant and powerful uses. If you end up going Necrolord as a Warrior, you can pick up the veteran’s repute soulbind that gives you extra strength while the banner is active making it a powerful cooldown. The banner alone is not an awful ability since it is a group utility, not only does it give you critical strike but also to your allies and provides extra health too. If you pair the banner with a soulbind from Emeni, you will get the most value possible in terms of the duration from lead by example. This may not be a popular choice by players, but there is some potential to it. And if you want to make the Warrior X Necrolord work, there should be enough combos in order to give your allies a little bit more amplitude. Buffing the damage of your allies is always a good idea. 

Warrior class changes in WoW Shadowlands


At some point, all Death Knights were going to be pretty little fairies playing for the Night Fae. However, after Blizzard made changes, the maid did a lot weaker. Death’s Due replaces your death in decay, giving it a blue look and also amplifies certain abilities. Using abilities that cost ruins inside of Death’s Due gives you extra strength and provides a couple of bonuses for a couple of different specs. 

  • For Blood Death Knight, it means very easy cleave with also short cd on your death and decay means pretty good uptime. 
  • For Unholy Death Knight, same thing with its natural cleave combined already and in some cases you actually drop death and decay as a single target. 
  • For Frost Death Knight, it offers the opportunity for death to do and death and decay modification to become usable in single target as well as the cleaves. As for Frost Death Knight, it allows obliterate heavy play styles to also cleave a secondary target.
Death Knight class changes in WoW Shadowlands

If you are playing as a Blood Death Knight, Death’s Due gives you the ability that gives you quite a bit of strength on a very short cooldown. And with how often your death indicator resets, it is basically constantly up. 

For Frost Death Knight, Death’s Due gives you the ability for your obliterate to cleave an extra target. It cleaves in any target situation where there are more than two enemies you are hitting plus with the obliterate heavy play style, it will give you a big burst situation for anything where there is more than one target involved. Plus the strength from this ability also feeds into the play style, beefing you up full of strength and bursting enemies down. 

For Unholy Death Knight, has defile plus death certainty legendary combo which allows death and decay or Death’s Due to almost always be constantly up. So for the whole duration of the fight, you will maintain massive amounts of extra strength in order to beef up your armies of undead and do extra damage. 

While not all Death Knights find this covenant super popular, there are definitely some uses and combo that work with it. Some covenants does not have any legendary combos but for Death Knights and Death’s Due, there’s quite a few combos to use especially if you are DPS. 


Fodder to the flame is the least favorite ability of the Demon Hunter, wherein during the two minute cooldown it calls a demon to fight you. Upon defeating the demon, you gain an empowered demon soul. A powered demon soul does 30% extra damage and takes 15% less damage which is good for 20 second duration on a 2 minute cooldown. However this ability is not too popular, some found it a little weird especially for a class so mobile. Demon Hunters find it awkward to summon an extra enemy to hit you and  must defeat it very quickly. There is great potential for this ability but it just has not been as easy to use as the other abilities. 

Demon Hunter class changes in WoW Shadowlands


Venthyr is a powerful covenant. The ability Ravenous frenzy is kind of like an incarnation style buff- for 20 seconds, every Druid ability you cast will increase your damage, healing and haste with extra percentiles. So you grow stronger every single time you press an ability. However , if you end up staying idle, you will end up stunning yourself and doing damage to yourself. 

Next ability, Door of Shadows, lets you teleport to a location. Very similar to heroic leap,  minus the leaping but more of the misty red teleportation. Mobility plus extra mobility makes you even stronger. Why does doing more damage and more healing bliss ability end up being not a popular choice amongst Druids? In fact, ravenous frenzy from the winter is not a terrible ability at all, some may find it boring as it is just above the overlaps of your other abilities. It is extremely strong, and combined with the actual conduit for this ability, gives more healing and more damage. Both of the balance Druid legendaries for AOE or single target synergize into it very well. Guardian Druids in particular can actually be complete monsters with the Venthyr covenant and a couple of combos (from legendaries or conduits). Will more Druids try this covenant? 

Druid class changes in World of Warcraft Shadowlands


Death chakram ability is the only ability that even plays with your focus regeneration, which is always wanted by Hunters. The ability to shield yourself does make the Hunter a lot durable and does have some uses with certain souldbinds. It is never really a bad ability to add towards the Hunter tool kit. This covenant ability is not at all bad but does it fit the current mold and metas created right now? Most of the metas are reliant around Marksman and around during burst damage so Night Fae and the Kyrian end up fitting it really well. 

Positives of death chakram: 

  • Does not change any Hunter play style at all
  • It is a non-invasive ability that can be baked into any specs rotation quite easily 
  • There’s a lot more freedom on how you decide to run yourself and customize your character
  • Very easy to use on the move 
  • Has a lot of single target potential with some play for AOE 
  • Implores more mobility for a class like Hunter 
Marksmanship Hunter in the Shadowlands: Spec Highlights and Class  Recommendations - News - Icy Veins


The ability Fallen Order allows you to open a portal for 24 seconds, allowing spirits of fallen monks of the ox, crane and tiger adepts to join you in battle. Either healing tanking for you or doing damage. The door of shadows teleport for a class as mobile as Monk is not the worst thing. Being able to have more ways to get around the battlefield, dungeons or raids, or even skip craft bags who make the pluses again is never a bad thing. The ability fallen order is easy to use, just drop it down and all NPCs roll up and will start to help you out. The ability itself just does not have a niche factor and it’s never been focused for one spec or another as the Monks that join in are helpful no matter what spec you are. Monks may end up getting fallen order as they go forward, looking for extra cooldowns to use in dungeons, raids and some pvp situations. The extra mobility and ease of use are good selling factors. 

Monk class changes in WoW Shadowlands

Other least popular combos featured in the video:

  • Mage and Necrolord
  • Shadow Priest and Night Fae 
  • Paladins and Necrolord
  • Shaman and Night Fae 
  • Rogue and Necrolord 
  • Warlock and Venthyr

Video chapters:

0:01 Intro

0:59 Warrior and Necrolord 

3:30 Death Knight and Death’s Due 

6:23 Demon Hunter and Necrolord 

8:13 Druid and Venthyr 

10:16 Hunter and Maldraxxus

11:56 Monk and Venthyr 

13:10 Mage and Necrolord 

14:56 Shadow Priest and Night Fae 

18:12 Paladins and Necrolord 

19:55 Shaman and Night Fae 

22:06 Rogue and Necrolord 

24:23 Warlock and Venthyr


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