The Best Shadowlands DPS Specs


Kicking things off with Hunters, Marksmanship Hunters are a bit of an odd variety of characters, mainly because they cannot really have any pets, but what they lack in pets, they make up for in damage with their weapons.

Marksmanship Hunters rely on their weapons to deliver powerful hits with their bows or guns (depending on the weapon of your choice), between your aimed shots, steady shots and rapid fire abilities; you can destroy your opponents within a matter of seconds.


shadowlands DPS specs

The other staple in the ranged class are Mages, there are many types of Mages in the game, but Frost Mages are the best in the game right now, they are the masters of slows and ranged damage, they can slow you down while doing damage from far away, and if you get close to them they just blink away and do that all over again.

Arcane Mages are probably the unique play styles in the game because of how useful they are with their burst damages; they increase their arcane charges to increase their damage output.

Fire Mages, well, they have been nerfed, these were the best casters before Shadowlands hit, going into Shadowlands, Fire Mages will not ignite players automatically and you will have to use abilities based on targets and with huge nerfs to their damages, they aren’t as viable with their burst, so Frost and Arcane are way better picks here.

Shadow Priest

Shadow Priests are the only DPS spec out of all the other Priest specs. These Shadow Priests unleash the true powers of the void upon their enemies, building their insanity to enter void form; they can deal extra damage while using abilities like Void Bolt which also helps them maintain uptime on various spells that provide damage over time.

Keep using mind blasts and mind flays to do high damage per second while their damage over time abilities should still be on in the background.


Warlocks are a pure DPS class, Destruction Warlocks are all about blowing things up, raining hellfire from the skies on an area of effect and scorching their enemies ablaze, Destruction uses their soul shards for their main area of effect ability to rain fire on everything, and they also use it for Chaos Bolt, this spell hits like a fire-truck and does incredible damage.

Affliction Warlocks are just as powerful as Destruction, if not more so, they are essentially about spreading their damage over time affects to anything that is within reach, and then they use curses to cast damage while the de-buffs are already on.

Demonology is the last spec of Warlock, and if you’ve ever wanted to lead a legion of demons, this should be your spec to play, this spec is about summoning and leading your demon minions to your side, powering them to do ridiculous levels of damage, there are imps, dreadstalkers and a variety of other demons, bring out the mighty demonic talent to destroy your enemies in clean blows when your army is ready.

Balance Druid

Balance Druids harness the power of the sun, the moon and the eclipse. When they use your solar abilities they trigger a lunar eclipse that empowers their lunar abilities, when that ends they can use their solar eclipse to increase solar abilities.

They can also use their astral power, it generates while they use their solar and lunar powers; they can use their astral power to do huge single target damage or use Starfall, a humongous volley of stars that have a huge area of effect. They have a huge impact on any team they are in, and are just have great picking potential overall.

Elemental Shamans

Elemental Shamans are back to using Maelstrom in Shadowlands, they can harness all of the power of the elements to do incredible amount of damage to their enemies; they can rain fire, slow enemies with frost powers or just strike them down with incredible lighting attacks.

Few specs look as cool in the game as Elemental Shamans, this spec also has some of the biggest DPS potential in the game at the moment; they can sizzle their enemies with a Fireshock, melt them to ash with a Lava Burst or summon a giant earth quake with their maelstrom abilities. Elemental Shamans can just do it all.

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