Sun King’s Salvation Raid Guide – Normal / Heroic Sun King’s Salvation Castle Nathria Boss Guide

Who is up for another guide! Sun King’s Salvation fight in Castle Nathria on normal and heroic difficulty. 

N O R M A L fight:

The goal is to heal Kael’thas to full without getting overrun by buckets of adds. There’s effectively two phases to this fight. 

In phase one, heal Kael’thas as much as you can. Healers can do that but anybody can help by using soul pedestals that you see up front. You click on those and you can channel your health straight into the boss over fifteen seconds, with most of the transfer at the end of the cast. Once you stop, you cannot do it again for two minutes. Only one person can use a pedestal at a time, so there is a waiting time if there are no open spots. In the meantime, there will be seven adds to manage. Tanks will be gathering these up throughout the fight, so always try to group them up and cleave them down. 

Kael'thas Sunstrider in Shadowlands (Early Datamining / Spoilers) - Wowhead  News

At the beginning, you’ll meet High Torturer Darithos, his greater castigation will make targets pulse AOE. He’s gone once killed so best to check this on the list first. 

Rockbound Vanquishers will put a stacking DoT on their tank, you can tank swap if things get heated. Their concussive smash will also do increasingly awful raid damage so these must be killed early. 

Rockbound Vanquisher - NPC - World of Warcraft
Rockbound Vanquisher

Bleakwing Assassins, using crimson flurry, will mark players for AOE. At 30% they start to cast a full heal called return to stone, you must finish them off before they complete the cast. 

For Vile Occultist, you want to kick the vulgar brand and worry less on the scornful blast. If the vulgar brand gets off, healers can dispel the DoT it lea  ves. When one of these dies, they drop a friendly essence font (lantern looking) that healers should heal up to full to help heal Kael’thas. 

Pestering Fiends are mostly just annoying. They spam low splash damage and cannot be spell locked, thus do not bother kicking them. You need to use grips and knockbacks if you want to move them around. 

Lastly is the Soul Infuser. These cannot be tanked and they’ll book it straight to Kael’thas to channel damage on him directly. You need to interrupt them with crowd control and kill them as soon as possible to stop them from undoing all your hard work. Once they die, they drop the Infuser’s orb which can be clicked to consume for a massive healing buff. Healers want to pick that up and use it to pump big heals into Kael’thas or top up the raid in an emergency. 

When Kael’thas gets up to 45 and onto 90% health, we’ll move to phase two.

Shade of Kael’thas

Kael’thas cannot be healed directly while the shade is up but any damage done to the shade will heal him. Two Phoenix adds are going to spawn along with the Shade. These fixate randomly, pulse AOE and leave a trail of fire pools. When they die, they will slowly regenerate and eventually resurrect. Must keep away from them, slow and CC them as much as possible and then kill them at least once to stop them from making the entire floor into lava. The shade will aim a cone attack at his tank called fiery strike which leaves a stacking DoT. The tank faces that away from the raid and you can tank swap after a couple of stacks. 

Shade of Kael'thas - NPC - World of Warcraft

Ember blast will target a random player and do some split damage after a bit and then drop a fire pool. It also shares out some DoTs. The target and a handful of helpful allies will need to run off to the side to soak that out of the way. At 100% energy, the shade will do a massive frontal cone attack with a blazing surge– stay away from it else you will be roasted. The add will vanish after you do 10% of its health and you are back in phase one. 

H E R O I C fight:

Few upgrades are present on Heroic. The blazing surge frontal cone will target a random player rather than just the tank, meaning more people will need to move out of the cone. The pestering fiend adds will also shatter on death on Heroic, doing a seven yard AOE. Which sounds like a melee problem. 

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