Spires of Ascension: Mythic dungeon guide – WoW Shadowlands

There are four dungeon difficulties in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands:

  1. Normal
  2. Heroic
  3. Mythic
  4. Mythic+

This guide shows how to defeat the four bosses in one of the major Mythic dungeons: Spires of Ascension.

Let’s go!

Spires of Ascension

The dungeon is located at the top right of bastion and is a short walk from hero’s rest. Like every dungeon in WoW, this dungeon has a covenant specific effect. Spires of Ascension is a Kyrian dungeon and if you are a member of this covenant, you can pick up spears from dead angels. The spears can stun mobs and increase damage that can really give you a big help in this dungeon 

Important mobs before the first boss

There are some mobs and their abilities in this dungeon that will really give you a hard time if you don’t pay attention to them.

Forsworn Mender

This mender has Forsworn Doctrine ability, the ability to heal for 10% of max health every 1 second for 8 seconds, that must be interrupted, and  Imbue Weapon ability that gives buff to menders that give bonus damage after attacks. 

Forsworn Castigators

Have damage dealing abilities such as, Dark Lash that deals straight damage, and Burden of Knowledge that deals damage and then deals a magic damage over time on the target.

Forsworn Goliath

 With a lot of health and an ability called, Recharge Anima that creates an absorption shield, and Rebellious Fist that deals large amounts of damage

First boss: Kin-tara

  • Kintara has a bird named Azules, 
  • If you kill either one of them the other one enrages, so the goal of the fight is to kill them close at the same time. 
  • Azules will just fly around and use Attenuated Barrage that can deal massive damage
  • Kin-Tara must be tanked, ability Overhead Slash does large amounts of damage to tanks and everyone else nearby 
  • Kin-Tara will also apply Dark Lance to nearby players that can inflict small damage over time
  • Periodically, Kin-Tara will fly into the air and aim a Charged Spear at random players, so make sure to use a defensive ability since this can’t be dodged.

Important mobs after the first boss

After the boss is dead, you will have an option to go right or left path. 

Right path

Forsworn Stealthclaw

They can stun when they come out of their stealth and can apply bleeding damage.

Left path

Forsworn Skirmishers 

They can do range damage, they also can disengage by jumping occasionally away from the tanks.

Forsworn Squad Leader

They have an aura that can give 75% damage reduction to all nearby allies. They also have an ability to fly in the air and charge down on a certain area, that can deal damage, knockback enemies and leave a pool that deals damage as well. 

Forsworn Champion

They are exactly the same with Forsworn Menders with Imbue Weapon and Forsworn Doctrine ability.


Has an ability Insidious Venom that can do magic damage for 10 seconds

Second boss: Ventunax

  • Every 20 seconds Ventunax will cast Dark Stride targeting a non tank player and giving a large physical damage over time effect that will last for 20 seconds
  • Every jump it will also drop a Shadowhirl that will fire Dark Bolt, that can knock you up in the air and can deal massive damage 
  • Ventunax will also cast recharge when she runs out of energy that makes Shadowhirls fire 9 bolts at the same time. 

Important mobs after the second boss

Keep in mind that some mobs or packs in here can be skipped, if you can sneak in side of some areas, or if you use stealth or crowd control abilities


Has an ability Crescendo deals large amounts of damage in multiple directions. 

Forsworn Warden

This one has also same abilities as Forsworn Menders

Third boss: Oryphrion

  • Ability Charged Stomp can deals damage within 8 yards of impact
  • Periodically, the boss will shoot Purifying Blast that can deal both initial and over time damage
  • Oryphrion will also cast Empyreal Ordnance leaving pools on the ground, if the boss runs out of energy that’s the signal that will start the 2nd phase. 
  • When Oryphrion is casting Drained, he is taking 100% bonus damage
  • Players should soak the Orbs before they reach the boss to extend the phase.

Important mobs after the third boss

After defeating the 3rd boss, 3 mini bosses will appear. After defeating one of these mini bosses the remaining ones will inherit the ability of the boss you killed. 


Has an ability Wicked Blade, increases damage taken that stacks every 3 seconds up to 20 stacks. 


Aura of Intimidation an ability that can deal damage to enemies that also can stack up to 20. 


Oppression periodically increases the damage overtime.

Final boss: Devos

  • This boss can cast Lost Confidence that debuffs and deals damage to players, when this effect ends or dispelled, it will drop a Lingering Doubt at the victim’s feet. 
  • Run Through is a frontal attack in a straight line that deals damage to anyone hit. 
  • Abyssal Detonation will deal lethal damage, to dodge this one, you have to stand in a large blue bubble called Archon’s Bastion.
  • At 70% and 30% health Devos will begin Phase 2, becoming untargetable flying in the air. 
  • This will summon Anima Orbs that need to be picked up by players and return it to the Anima Conduit in the center of the platform.
  • Once the spear is activated one player can pick it up and throw it at Devos and bring her back at the platform.

Video chapters

0:00 Intro
2:38 Kin-Tara
5:53 Ventunax
8:07 Oryphrion
10:20 Devos

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