So… HOW GOOD IS Shadowlands?

Is Shadowlands worth playing? Here are 10 reasons why Shadowlands is so worthwhile you’ll come back to WOW or you’ll start to get into this impressive expansion. 


The level has been squished to level 60. Now with chromie time, you can go into the expansion of your choice and just stay in that expansion for the entirety of your leveling experience. Getting to level 50 only takes as much as 10 levels you used to take back then. In Exile’s Reach, if you start a character from level 1, you can actually choose a level in the new player experience which is just the first 2 levels. It will take you to a tutorial and Exile’s Reach will give you a gist of World of Warcraft.

Shadowlands Leveling Changes & Level Squish - Guides - Wowhead


You start off the experience you get from 50 to 60. When you level from 50 to 60, you will understand why this crazy concept in warcraft makes sense. Improvements on the leveling helps players know what is the actual main story. The whole quest has been improved because you’ll have a marker or a guide, for your objective, which will calculate how far you are or if you need to go up a level or down a dungeon. This is the first expansion where you actually have to follow a linear story while leveling thus everything makes sense.


The immersion, setting, the visual diversity are impeccable. Once you go through different zones, you’ll see that everything is unique and identifiable. Hats off to the art team! There are also more cinematics, cutscenes and dialogues!

Shadowlands: A Look at Covenant Class and Signature Abilities *UPDATED 5/13  — World of Warcraft — Blizzard News


There’s tons of things to do in Shadowlands, however it didn’t feel mandatory for both required and optional tasks. No need to feel pressured and run all over the place. Legendaries complete and boost your class performance can be targeted so you know where to go. The maw overall, although Blizzard did not deliver their promise about it, it is good enough as you can do your stuff, in and out you go. The best thing about the Maw is the Ve’nari- the best personality they added to WOW. Once you get into the Maw, read all of Ve’nari’s texts.

Ve'nari - NPC - World of Warcraft


Blizzard nailed systems of this expansion. Instantly, players have access to every system and it is easy to understand the system. Everything’s smooth in Shadowlands unlike in BFA.


The classes overall are a lot better than previous expansions. Classes get access to borrowed power early on. Even though a player has a lot of borrowed power, this time they actually worked on classes and Blizzard gathered in and took in consideration a lot of feedback from Alpha and Beta expansions. Outliers are expected, but this time it’s not as bad as what we had in BFA and Legion. Most of the specs are fun thus you are going to have a blast with any class or spec you are going with.

New Class Animations in the Character Creation Screen in Shadowlands -  Wowhead News


The actual story of Shadowlands is easy to comprehend for players go through it through a sequential manner. Maybe at first some did not digest the whole realm, and cosmology side of the story but after doing quests and covenant campaigns, it will eventually make sense and find it interesting. It will make you curious and care too.


The loot table is much smaller and you don’t have as big of a chance to get a drop. The chest of disappointment, which is now a vault, was upgraded and so far is not a dismay. There are more solid and clear ways to get your gear, no more RNG. Gearing up in Shadowlands is a big thumbs up!

Gearing Through PvP Worth It in Shadowlands? - News - Icy Veins

9. PVP

The gear you buy is pvp oriented- a lot of versatility, trinkets, and you also get the set bonus of 40 versatility.

PvP Vendor and Item Upgrade Vendor Located in Oribos - First Look -  Actualités Wowhead

10. ALT Friendliness

If you are the type to play multiple characters, this is the expansion for you. ALT Friendliness is back! It’s an MMO, you are going to be incentivized to play your main but if you decide to go on your ALT there will be catch up mechanics for all over the place. 

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20:00 Shadowlands STORY

23:44 Shadowlands GEAR

26:48 Shadowlands PVP

30:35 Shadowlands ALTS

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