Shadowlands Week Twelve: What To Expect

Here are some of the updates that you should expect in the 12th week of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.


  1. Dungeons and Raid bosses will now have additional Anima.

 2. You may receive bonus experience again from some missions at the mission table. Some missions award you boatloads of XP even if you fail the mission. Venture plan ( is one way to identify them quickly. The only difference is that the experience missions have lower anima cost and duration.

Updates this Week

  1. For this week, Oranomonos the Everbranching will be the world boss. 

2. There will be two upcoming holiday events happening next week. The Lunar Festival on Feb 08 – 22 and The Love is in the Air on Feb 02 – 19.

3. There is also a new event called the Chorus of Dead Souls, where at the start of your Torghast Climb, you can choose a power that transforms you into a dead soul chorus replacing your abilities with its own.

4. For this week’s Mythic+, it will be Tyrannical Bursting and Explosive. Kill them too fast, and Bursting might kill you, while if you kill them too slow or pull too much at once, and the Explosives will overwhelm you. A piece of consolation, Bursting is dispellable, which makes mass dispel or similar effects potent.

5. For the Covenants, 32 is now the maximum Renown. There will be a few traits to choose from for the soul binds, providing some reasonable torments. Please refer to 05:28 for the list of traits.

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