Shadowlands Week Four Guide: What To Expect

We are now on our 4th week in the Shadowlands, let us now run through on all things that you need to do and the coming events in the next weeks.


The Great Vault

  • In the 3rd week guide we mentioned The Great Vault, and we hope that you checked yours and got your gears already.

Dungeon Event

  • While you’re in Oribos, make sure to grab your friends and start your weekly quest by doing the Dungeon event to knock out mythic pluses and get a guaranteed piece of loot.

Before leaving Oribos make sure to check PvP, Dungeon Weeklies and the Enclave for Torghast quest.

Covenant Sanctum

  • Pick up your weeklies for souls and anima.
  • Also don’t forget your to check the Maw


  • Max level for this week is 12
  • In renown 10 you’ll unlock Soulbind and world quest rewards upgrade.
  • In renown 11 you will open a chapter on your covenant campaign and a hearthstone specific to your covenant. 
  • For the renown 12 you’ll get a companion.

Night Fae and Kyrian

  • The soulbind that this covenants unlock at renown 10 let’s them choose a trait that trade goods while killing mobs.
  • For Kyrian, you can obtain cloth and enchanting materials.
  • For Night Fae, you can get leather, meat and fish.


  • Layers 7 and 8 are already available, which means you can have a max of 3 climbs to grab 1,140 soul ash.
  • Always look out for friendly NPCs to help out.

Castle Nathria

  • Will be available in Mythic as well as Raid Finder difficulty and to get in there your characters needs an item with level 170

Video Chapters:

Intro: 0:00

Oribos: 0:25

Covenant Sanctum: 1:02

Torghast: 2:11

Castle Nathria: 2:54

Outro: 3:31

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