Shadowlands Week 7 Guide: What To Expect

Find out which legendaries will be available and what’s happening in Torghast. Here’s what to expect in Shadowlands Week 7. 

In week 7 we’ll get to see if the world boss rotation is fixed or not. If it is, you will be encountering Oranomonos the Everbranching in Ardenweald. Mages, hunters and druids will be showing up in mass to bring down Oranomonos. There is a chance that the world boss rotation will change making you wait much longer. Afterwards, check out the great vault for goodies. Wing 2 of the raid finder, the reliquary of opulence, opens up giving you a crack at Artificer Xy’mox, Sun King’s Salvation and the council of Blood. You just need an item level of a buck 70 to get in. 

If you have been missing out on raid based legendaries, here’s what you’ve been waiting for:

This week in mythic plus we’ll get Fortified, Quaking and Sanguine. This past week the PVP quests were related to arenas but for this week, the weekly event takes us back to the arena for increased honor gains and weekly quests. Hopefully this will double up with the PVP weekly quest that we’ve been getting but let’s not get our hopes up. 

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The PVP brawl is also back open with a blizzard. The Darkmoon Faire is active throughout this week so pick up that rep and experience buffs for your alts or for the Ve’nari rep in the maw. No guarantees but it is expected that the twisting corridors, the 18th floor climb of Torghast, will be open this week. Best of luck to all who’s going to climb 144 floors in one shot. 

Darkmoon Faire in Town December 2020 - 10% Reputation Boost with Shadowlands  Factions - Wowhead News
Darkmoon Faire

On the covenant side of things, the maximum renown level has been raised to 21. On renown 19, the item level of world quest rewards will go up and get a modest stamina buff. At renown 20, another leg of the covenant campaign opens and will take you to 21 and an upgrade for your soul bind. Kyrian and Necrolord players will find this to be important because they can now get access to their second potency slot. Venthyr won’t get their second potency slot for another two weeks (renown 25).   


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