Shadowlands Week 3 Guide: What To Expect In Season 1

Many players joined the hype in the release of the new expansion in WoW. As we enter the 3rd week aka the Season 1 of Shadowlands, Season 1 comes with Rated PvP, Mythic Plus and Castle Nathria Raid and many more, let’s get started with all the things you should know. 

Darkmoon Faire

  • As the Darkmoon Faire is open for business for a week, you can acquire heirlooms, spooky toys, battle pats and transmog gear.
  • Also for those farming reputation and leveling alts you can take advantage of the 10% experience and reputation buff that will last for an hour.
  • You can also have this buff active when turning in a covenant calling quest.

Oribos Weeklies

  • You can also try if the buff of the Darkmoon Faire works when turning in dungeon quests that you can pick up in Oribos.
  •  Don’t forget the weekly PvP quest for some honor and anima.

Covenant Stuff

  • Always pick up your 2 weekly quests to save souls and farm anima.
  • The maximum number renown that you can get on this week is 9.
  • Renown 7 will unlock a new row for your first soulbind and will raise the cap for upgrading PvP gear with honor. 
  • Renown 8 will open a new chapter in your covenant campaign that when you complete will take you to Renown 9.
  • Renown 9 will unlock the second soulbind.
  • Once the chapter is complete you can upgrade pieces of your covenant armor to your covenant quartermaster.

The Maw 

  • Make sure to complete the Jailer event for a chance of gear each week


  • Layers 4 to 6 are now available with new challenges and tougher mobs
  • Total of 970 Soul Ash to get if you climb up to layer six and complete both cell blocks which will take a minimum of four climbs.
  • New difficulties and cell blocks gives additional followers for adventures

Skoldus Halls

  • Has a pretty basic setup of mobs and no exploding skeletons
  • Lookout for Masworn guard  with its massive strike, and the Mawsworn interceptor  with its critical shots.

Coldheart Interstitia

  • Coldheart agents which cast fear are the ones you need to look out for. 
  • This cell block features the dark armament a power that can be found by using a ravenous anima cell on Coldheart mobs that can help you deal with the mobs in the lower floors

The Great Vault

  • For this week they should be ready to award credit to your season activities. You can track your progress by going to the vault. This vault allows you to unlock a single piece of gear when you clear or defeat PvP, raids and Mythic dungeons.

Additional Activities

  • World quest and reputation farming
  • Conduit, Legendary farming and anima farming for cosmetics
  • Mythic plus season
  • PvP Season
  • Castle Nathria

Video Chapters:

Intro: 0:00

Darkmoon Faire: 0:20

Oribos Weeklies: 0:45

Covenants: 0:53

The Maw: 2:46

Torghast: 3:12

The Great Vault: 5:25

Additional Activities: 5:45

Outro: 6:09

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