Shadowlands Season 1 Healer Rankings | BEST and WORST Healers in Raid and M+ (December Tierlist)

These are the updated ranking of all the healer specs in Shadowlands Season 1 in Castle Nathria raids and Mythic Plus that also includes all the tuning changes that have happened the past several weeks like the most recent balance changes that went in the Mythic Castle Nathria. These rankings are only taking into account how specs are doing in Mythic raiding at high-level keystones and mean a lot less in lower difficulties.

Healer balance is quite good at the moment so if you’re someone looking to get your keystone master achievement or ahead of the curve, literally every spec is viable and more than capable of completing that.

Castle Nathria RaidsTierHealer SpecDescription
BMistweaver Monks– amazing single target throughput that’s independent of any sort of healing cooldowns

– pumps out large amounts of single target healing but can lead to mana issues.

– lacking in healing cooldowns.
BHoly Priests– extremely powerful at healing predictable bursts of raid damage.

– lack of damage reduction cooldown.

– multiple throughput cooldowns as well as a single target healing increase in guardian spirit.
BRestoration Druids– thrives in situations where there is a constant wide range of damage going out.

– lacks a raid-wide damage reduction though has a single target one
AHoly Paladins– provides strong tank healing.

– brings fantastic utility.

– highest damage out of any healer spec.

– great throughput cooldown.

– lowest throughput out of any healer.
ADisciplined Priests– strong absorbs and damage reduction abilities.

– provides good damage.

– same utility as holy priests.
SRestoration Shamans– insane throughput by far the best out of all the healers.

– strong healer cooldowns.

– can contribute additional healing on top of their cooldown.

– brings strong utility.
Mythic Plus DungeonsTierHealer SpecDescription
BMistweaver Monks– not having a single DR.

– fantastic sustained single target healing.

– lowest healer damage.

– strong mobility and durability.
BHoly Priests– without an external damage reduction.

– lacks mobility and durability.

– provide more damage and utility than mistweavers.
BHoly Paladins– struggle a bit in 5-man content due to reliance on cooldown.

– falls behind on sustained damage scenarios.

– provides fantastic triage healing.
ADisciplined Priests– able to do respectable damage without sacrificing healing power.

– extremely proactive healing spec hence the high skill cap.

– does better in higher-end groups.

– more mobile than holy priests.
ARestoration Druids– solid overall damage over the course of the dungeon.

– extremely high healing throughput.

– the swiss army knife or healers.

– only healer that has access to a battle res.

– short cooldown and external damage reduction.
SRestoration Shamans– highest throughput by far.

– powerful skills in dungeons than in raids.

– lack of a single target damage reduction.

Video Chapters:

0:00 Introduction
0:39 B-Tier (Raids)
4:57 A-Tier (Raids)
6:55 S-Tier (Raids)
8:00 B-Tier (M+)
11:33 A-Tier (M+)
13:52 S-Tier (M+)

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