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Be quick and efficient! Here’s a PVP guide where Mistweaver Monk fundamentals are discussed so you can quickly hop into PVP in under 10 minutes. 


For the Alliance, the best race is Human due to the racial will to survive. This ability lets you get out of stuns once every 3 minutes. This gives you the option to run the relentless trinkets or two trinkets of your choice. For the Horde, your best race is the Orc due to the racial hardiness. Hardiness will provide you with a 20% stun reduction, although this does not stack with the relentless trinkets. And for Main Stats, you would want versatility and mastery. Versatility will make you tankier and increase your healing and mastery gust of mist will make your renewing and enveloping mists expel harm and vivify provide some upfront healing. 

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Mist wrap – this will increase enveloping mist duration by 1 second and its healing bonus by 10%. This is great since enveloping mist already increases our healing to the target by 30%. This talent will add an extra 10% to that and increase the duration in which our target takes increased healing from us. 

Chi Torpedo – Chi Torpedos will be running in most circumstances and this ability will simply cause you to torpedo forward and gain a movement speed increase. This will greatly add to your mobility. 

Tiger’s Lust – this ability gives you or an ally a freedom effect and movement speed increase on a 20 second cooldown. This can be good against teams with a lot of roots such as Survival Hunter or Frost Mage. However, it has a short range at only 20 yards. 

Mana Tea – this ability reduces the mana cost of your spells by 50% for 10 seconds and will help you conserve mana especially when you need to pump out a lot of expensive heals. As an added bonus, the sabote is not on the gcd. 

Ring of Peace – this puts a ring at the targeted location that does not let enemies enter it. This ability has a ton of uses, it can be used as a peel, an interrupt or to knock someone off a ledge into a bad spot. 

Song of Chi-Ji – this ability will form a cloud that moves forward and will disorient anyone it touches. Most of the time you will be running a ring of peace but this ability does have its uses against teams that don’t have a lot of kicks. The most common combo with this ability is to paralysis into a song of chi-ji on the target. 

Healing Elixir – will heal you for 15% of your maximum health. This ability can help you save mana when someone on your team is being focused but you also need to heal yourself as well. 

Diffuse Magic – this will reduce magic damage taken by 60% and try to reflect any magic effects you have on your back to their original caster. Take this against caster but be aware if you use this against an unstable Warlock Affliction, you will take the dispel damage so watch out for that. 

Dampen Harm – this ability will reduce all damage you take by 20 to 50% for 10 seconds, with larger attacks being reduced more. This can be strong against bursty comps such as Sub Rogue of Marksmanship Hunter. 

Summon Jade Serpent Statue – this ability will summon a statue at a targeted location  and when you cast soothing mist on target, it will cast it on them as well. If you stop casting, the statue will continue to channel soothing mist. This is great if you have to line of sight and still need to heal or if you are soothing mist the target before you get CC’d, it can help keep your teammate alive. 

Focused Thunder – this will allow thunder focus to empower  your next 2 spells.  

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All of these will change depending on the situation and what you are playing against. 

Refreshing Breeze – this talent increases the healing of your vivify by 20% and refreshes duration of essence fun on targets. This talent is important since it provides substantial increase to one of our most important heals. 

Zen Focus Tea – this ability will provide you immunity to silence and interrupt effects for 5 seconds and is on a 45 second cooldown. This 5 seconds of free casting can be game changing and gives you time to quickly top off a teammate. 

Grapple Weapon – this ability will disarm a target for 6 seconds and is on a 45 second cooldown. This is a strong ability against melee and marksmanship hunters. 

Counteract Magic – this talent causes your renewing mist to heal for 135% more when the target is healing and has a magic dot on them. You will be taking this primarily against casters. However, against teams with a lot of purges, you will want to swap this out for Dome of Mist. 

Dome of Mist – this ability causes enveloping mist to transform 100% of its remaining periodic healing into a dome of mist when it’s dispelled. This dome absorbs damage and will cause the target to take 30% increased healing from the monk. 

Healing Sphere – this ability has 3 charges and will place a healing sphere at the targeted location. If allies walk through this sphere, they will be healed and have all of their magic dots removed. This is great against heavy dot comps. 


All around best legendary and your go to, is Tear of Morning. This causes your vivify and enveloping mist on targets with renewing mist to have a 10% chance to spread the renewing mist to another target. It will also increase your vivify healing through renewing mist by 20% and your enveloping mist will heal allies with renewing mist for 20% of its healing. This legendary will greatly increase your healing throughput. 

For a very situational legendary, Escape from Reality will give you a lot of mobility and survivability. After casting transcendence, you can cast it again for 10 seconds and it will not have cooldown. It will also increase the healing of your vivify and refund some of the cost. This is great against double melee teams highly abusable on maps like Blade’s Edge Arena. 


Best covenant for PVP is Venthyr, it offers the fallen order ability. The ability will open a portal for 24 seconds, every 3 seconds it will  summon a spirit that lasts for 6 seconds. The spirit is empowered based upon your specialization and will either heal or do damage. Venthyr will also provide the signature dwarf shadows which will give you a teleport on a 1 minute cooldown. This can be useful for escaping or pushing in aggressively for a paralyzed or a leg sweep. 

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For soulbind, it is recommended to pick Nadjia the Mistblade and take this path (see below photo). This will provide you with the agent of Chaos, which will cause our dwarf shadows to disrupt nearby enemies at the targeted location when we appear. This can add some nice CC, a short peel or act as an interrupt. With this path, we will also receive the familiar predicaments. This will reduce the duration of interrupts, snare and root effects by 25%. This is very nice as it makes getting kicked not as punishing and gives you more uptime to heal. 

For two potency conduits, you must take Imbued Reflections and Resplendent Mist. Imbued Reflections causes your fallen order monks to do more damage and healing. This is great as it makes your already strong covenant ability even stronger. Resplendent Mist will give your gust of mists a 30% chance to do more healing. 

For finesse conduit, pick Lingering Numbness. At max rank this will make its way with your paralysis hence the target has 96% reduced movement speed for 5 seconds. You can paralyze a healer behind a pillar and that 96% slow can add a few seconds of CC if their DPS is out of line of sight. 

For your endurance conduit, your 2 options are Fortifying Ingredients and Grounding Breath. Fortifying Ingredients will cause your fortifying brew at max rank to give you a shield for 28.8% of your maximum health for 15 seconds. This is strong against bursty teams. Grounding breath at max rank will cause your vivify healing on yourself to be increased by 36% and have a 30% chance to refund its cost. Not only is this mana efficient but this pairs very well with the PVP talent Refreshing Breeze. 

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For healers, there is no set healing rotation. Instead you must focus on what heals to use, when to use them and focus on conserving your mana. Some of your healing spells:

Renewing Mist – this ability will put a hot on the targets and if it overheats a target it will travel through another injured ally. This is a very inexpensive ability and you will always want to have this up on your teammates at all times. It will also provide extra bonuses depending on what PVP talents you select. Outside of Renewing Mist, there are 3 common abilities- soothing mist, vivify and enveloping mist. Soothing mist is for light healing but is important for when you are channeling it, it allows you to cast vivify and enveloping mist instantly while maintaining its channel. Vivify is for moderate amounts of damage and costs a decent amount of mana. Enveloping mist is for high burst damage. It will put a hot on the targets and will increase the healing our target receives from our spells by 30% but it is one of the highest mana costing abilities. 

How to manage your mana and what are the healing combos you will be using?

Two mana conserving tools to help heal both yourself and a teammate are Healing Elixir and Expel Harm. Healing Elixir costs no mana and will heal you for 15% of your maximum health. You can use this if you are healing teammates but need to heal yourself as well. Expel Harm is an instant and inexpensive heal for yourself. You can use this while kiting but if you are channeling soothing mist, it will also heal the soothing mist target as well. 

The two abilities that serve as healing combos are Thunder Focus Tea and Mana Tea. Thunder Focus Tea empowers the next ability, but the two we are focused on here are vivify and enveloping mist. This will cause vivify to cost no mana and make enveloping mist do more upfront healing. With Thunder Focus Tea, this will empower two abilities. For moderate healing, you will use Thunder Focus Tea and cast the vivify twice. This will do a large amount of healing and the good thing about this combo is that it costs no mana. For burst healing, you must use Thunder Focus Tea, Cast Developing Mist and and then cast a vivify. And lastly, the Mana Tea. Anytime you will cast expensive heals like enveloping mist or don’t have Thunder Focus Tea, you will want to use this so you don’t burn through your mana too quickly. 

For healing cooldowns, life cocoon will be your emergency heal. Fallen order is extremely strong and you will want to use this before you get CC’d. Revival is your big AOE heal and it will remove all magic dots from the targets. This is very strong against warlocks and shadow priests. 

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