Predatory Plagueroc Rare Mount Guide – Shadowlands WoW – Gieger

Mounts are really a great way to transport and add mobility to the game. The Predatory Plagueroc mount comes from rare spawn Geiger in the Stitchyard in Maldraxxus. Here’s how you can get  Predatory Plagueroc mount.

In order to activate the rare spawn Gieger, you will need a player that is with the Necrolord covenant. Any covenant player can help in defeating Gieger and they will have a chance as well to get the mount. The mount has a 3% drop rate. 

If you are a Necrolord or helping a friend that is in this covenant, you just need to head over to their sanctum on Maldraxxus. Then you need to upgrade and make sure that you have Anima Conductor Tier 1.

Then you just for the Anima Conductor to be constructed. Once that’s done there will be a quest from an NPC near the Anima Conductor system, called “Yondare Hex”. Accept the quest;

You will now be able to access the Anima Conductor System, which allows you to select one place per day to channel anima. Just select the House of Constructs and press channel.

After that you will head over to the House of Constructs on this part of the map.

You will find Gieger on table inactive, and if you’re the necrolord player or if it’s your friend, you’ll be able to see a thread next to the right foot of Gieger. Click on this and move away from Gieger and he will be active.

Fighting Gieger is easy, just watch out on these 3 abilities; Belch Organs, which will leave an organ on the ground and the organ will pool on the ground that will deal damage. You can kill the Organ before it releases the pool. Next is Jagged Spines that will leave spots and will deal damage if you stood on that spot. Lastly, the Gieger Smash that will do a targeted hard hitting attack. Once Gieger is killed, loot him and you will have a chance to get the Predatory Plagueroc. Remember that this rare spawn can be killed once per day per character so make sure to try it everyday to increase your odds of getting the Predatory Plagueroc mount.

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