Playing World of Warcraft for the FIRST time!

My experience

It goes without saying that World of Warcraft is huge and I am by no means anywhere close to being qualified enough to whereby I can start giving reviews, tips or guides on this game. I recently hopped into World of Warcraft to try out the new player experience as it is my understanding that his had a huge change. My friend, Ben, plays this game much more than me so I thought it would only make sense to bring him along for the ride.

I love fantasy, I love magic and I love the idea of immersing yourself into an universe that is filled with so much stuff to grind for and go after. That is basically all I knew at the time when going into this game so I was really excited to get started.

I decided to create a Dark Elf Mage as ice powers are my favourite thing to do in any fantasy game. The game opens up with my newly made character on a pirate ship-like vessel. Just in front of me is the NPC, Warlord Breka Grimaxe who is going to be my main point of contact throughout the starting area. Interacting with her upon entering the game starts off a tutorial.

This tutorial introduces you into combat instantly by guiding on over to one of the Combat Dummies on the far side of the ship. The game teaches you the mechanics of auto attacking and utilising your abilities which is designed to make the player feel comfortable and understanding of it’s controls.

Shortly after, the game throws at you a Grunt Throg. The same applies whereby you use your basic attack and abilities, however what makes this different from the Combat Dummy is that Grunt Throg’s show the player how enemies will react when engaging in combat.

Completing this very quick combat tutorial triggers the next event to take place. A storm comes in, making the skies very dark, the waters start crashing up against the ship from the high velocity of winds. I thought this was awesome and loved this part.

The storm picks up even more, putting you into a cutscene of the ship losing control and ending up ship-wrecked onto an island. You will find yourself on the floor, and just up head there are crew members that are injured from the crash. Continuing the tutorial prompts you to provide medication for the injured crew members.

One thing that I absolutely love how fantasy games is dragons! And it goes without saying that this game has it’s fair share of them. Being able to mount these gorgeous, mythical creatures, taking off into the skies introducing yourself into what is the most amazing view that you simply wouldn’t experience when being on ground level. This is something I really want to experience with World of Warcraft. Because I am impatient, I wanted a dragon mount instantly therefore I took straight to the WoW Store and purchased the Steamscale Incinerator.

In the video above, Ben explains to me that in order to ride mounts, it requires you to learn the riding skill, and in order to fly mounts, we much meet the requirements of level 30. I have yet to do this and cannot wait to experience this. Off-camera, both me and Ben continued my WoW experience and I have experienced riding my new dragon mount. It truly is incredible and feels amazing. Pressing the space bar causes my mount to let out a vicious roar, spreading out these huge wings whilst spraying what appears to be drops of molten lava from its mental jaw and onto the floor. Epic!

After killing some Murlocs, aiding to injured crew members and interacting with NPS’s, Ben brought to my attention that we can share quest progress when playing together, however, we hit some issues with that the game thought I had made a trial character. This prohibited us from sharing the quest progress therefore I ended the video to figure out how we can fix this. I can confirm as of now this is fixed!

My overall opinion of the tutorial area is really high. I truly had such a great time with this experience. It didn’t just feel like you were going back and fourth, completing random questions you don’t care for. This new experience introduces you to a fully fledged mini story that has phenomenal dialog and incredible cutscene moments. I look forward to playing more World of Warcraft, and I look forward to covering more content in the future.

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