Pick your Main Class Guide – WoW Shadowlands

Whether you are new, current or returning players of World of Warcraft, one crucial question we all need to answer: “Which class do I play?” WoW has 12 unique classes and if you are having a hard time selecting what class to play, here’s a quick guide to help you decide on picking which class should be your main. 


Discipline Priest

If you want a healer class that isn’t just about healing but also having damage and aggressive pressure. With the damage you deal with the discipline priest is also converted to healing through atonement. This class is also good in every PVP and PVE scenarios

Shadow Priest

With the newly redesigned shadow priest it has almost the same stats with the discipline priest in PVP. With the support utilities, this class will surely bring fun to play with your friends, as well the buff in damage they recently received


Arms Warrior

With the insane abilities, such as intervene, ignore pain, shattering throw, spell reflect that warriors are getting back in the next expansion, warriors can be one of the more flexible melee classes in the arena. But in terms of PVE fury and arms warriors are not the best performers.


Windwalker Monk 

A very flexible class in terms of pvp and can be easily partnered with other classes. Even with a lot of bugs in this class, we hope to fix those issues in the upcoming.

Covenants for each class

Upon reaching the max level, players will be able to join one of the Covenants, as they continue to explore WoW universe. After helping you which class you can choose here are also some covenants you can go for each class.



Good choice for PVP, due to skills spirit bastion and self healing potential and versatility buff



If you’re going with the discipline and shadow priest, venthyr will be a viable option for covenant since it will be good for exploring both PVE and PVP.



Both could be a wonderful covenant choice for the monk class. For Venthyr in the Windwalker Monk class, weapons of order ability, and for Kyrian in the same class, it’s the fallen order ability. 

Which class are you looking to main for the upcoming expansion and which covenant is your choice? Share it with us!

Video Chapters

0:00 Intro

0:50 Discipline Priest 

2:21 Shadow Priest

3:04 Arms Warrior

5:38 Windwalker Monk

6:10 Covenants for each class

6:33 Summary 

7:30 Outro

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