NEW Shadowlands Addons To Check Out! #2

Even though 2020 is almost over, Blizzard is still releasing new addons on shadowlands for players to watch out for. Here are some of the new add ons that you should check out.


This add-on reminds you to drink water or any liquid. But don’t worry, this addon will not notify you during combat.

Mrs. Click

This is an add-on that can prevent misclicks from happening. It removes the functionality that makes the right click to initiate an auto-attack or auto shot if a target is not selected.

Sparke Swap

This add-on assists you in identifying quest objectives. It usually uses sparkes or outlines to make the quest more visible.

No Help Tips

This add-on removes all the notifications and help bubbles. Just be careful because when you pick up an animal that gives you a talent you already have, the game will not remind you to select new talent.

Torghast Teams

This is an informative add-on when running in Torghast with a group. This allows you to see the collected anima powers of everyone and not just yours. 

Dungeon Tools

This can be considered as a replacement for the mythic dungeon tools. This gives you a layout and mob placement, and dungeons. This add-on also allows you to set up and share routes with your team or in a public space like wago.

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro

00:27 – Hydrate

00:54 – Mrs. Click

01:54 – Sparkle Swap

02:26 – No Help Tips

02:51 – Torghast Teams

03:24 – Dungeon Tools

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