New AWC Teams Announced, Meta Comps Discovered, Gearing Problems + MORE!

We have the biggest scoops! The latest in the WoW arena Esports scene, best performing 3×3 comps, complains on PVP gearing and Kings of the Race To World First!

AWC Teams 

We have spotted two new big team announcements for the upcoming Arena World Championship. First qualifier match is on the 13th of January. 

Whaazz, the most recent Blizzcon champion and one of the best Rogues in the game along with his teammate Chas (one of the most versatile healers and mastered every spec) has created a new team with Zunniyaki & Thesia replacing two former teammates due to their indefinite suspensions. Zunniyaki who has recently been known for his appearances as a Disc Priest in the AWC, will now surprisingly be making a return to the DPS role playing as a Shadow Priest and Rep Paladin for the team. We’ve seen Zunniyaki perform at the highest level before on a DPS, making it to the Blizzcon final in 2014 as skill capped EU. We definitely have high expectations for Zunniyaki this 2021 season. Thesia is known as a phenomenal Mage making the team super terrifying and obviously one of the top contenders to win the next AWC. 

Looking ahead to raiding and WoW esports in 2021

Next top team announcement and probably the biggest rival are the former members of Wildcard Gaming. This team stayed the same at their core consisting of Zeepeye, Blizo and Maro. All of these three are top players that proved themselves many times over the last couple of years and won the AWC last year in Europe. Their big change however is the replacement of the 2014 Blizzcon champion Loony, due to a one year suspension. In his place, Asgarath has come in as the 2016 Blizzcon champion and is easily one of the top healers in EU. Mostly known for his highly skilled Resto Druid plays but also for being versatile and able to play multiple healers. As the roster who won the last AWC, this is definitely another scary opponent. No doubt, 2021 will be a year of 2 Goliath’s competing for the title. 


The season has been live for a couple of weeks now and we’ve started to see the meta develop. Let’s take a look at which 3×3 comps are performing the best. There are plenty of viable comps, but here’s a list of few top performing types. 


The RMPs are still taking their throne as one of the best comps in the game despite the recent nerfs to Sub Rogue. RMP is currently one of the best comps due to the strength of Fire Mages. They bring the most reliant and over-the-top single target burst with combustion and they bring monster mobility and spammable CC in the form of their dragon’s breath polymorph and novus. Which are made even more potent thanks to the recent shift mages using the Night Fae as their covenant and picking up the soulbind soothing voice.  They are also extremely durable due to the legendary triune ward barrier giving them all three Mage barriers at once. Sub Rogue is then the perfect addition, setting up goes with a kidney on the enemy healer so the Mage can safely ring off giving them enough time to take down an enemy DPS while the enemy healer is crowd controlled endlessly. 

Best Fire Mage Legendaries - Shadowlands 9.0.2 - Guides - Wowhead
Fire Mage

Shadow Priest Warrior Healer (Resto Shaman or Holy Paladin)

This is a durable comp and a great answer to RMP along with plenty of other comps on the ladder. This comp brings a ton of survivability being super hard to kill due to having fear mind control and life swap from the Priest. Warriors being super tanky and annoying, saving their teammates with intervene making them basically unkillable for 6 seconds. And to round out all their defensive plays, they bring consistent pressure and offensive plays with an instant stun and a silence from the Shadow Priest. 

Holy Paladin in Shadowlands - Healer Strengths, Best Covenants, Soulbinds  and Legendaries - Wowhead News
Holy Paladin

Windwalker Enhance and Warrior Enhance (Turbo)

This is preferably played with a Holy Paladin or Disc Priest. This comp brings unhealable burst damage as the legendary effect of Enhancement Shaman’s doom winds is broken right now dealing absurd damage. As Warriors are one of the best melee in the game right now, they bring tons of damage and utility making their team able to survive for a long time. Giving them more chances to one shot someone with bloodlust and doom wind. 

Discipline Priests in Shadowlands - Healer Strengths, Best Covenants,  Soulbinds and Legendaries - Wowhead News
Discipline Priest


Players have recently been complaining that there is a huge problem with the new Shadowlands PVP gearing system. As of right now, as a PVP player, you can only get to an item level just above 200 on average. A lot of mythic raiders are already a lot higher giving them a big advantage due to the fact that there is no more PVP scaling which was removed with the pre-patch of Shadowlands. As a PVP only player, you are basically time-gated to your weekly chest that drops one best in slot item each week. 

Another problem is that the conquest gap is way too low. Capped at 500 for each week, leaving you with only one conquest item every two weeks on average. This leaves you in a weird scenario where PVE rewards will give you a temporary advantage, leaving many PVP players frustrated because this either means you do PVE to be competitive or just cap your character and leave it for the week to get the weekly upgrade from the vault until you get to the same item level as you would if you did PVE content. The gearing is still better than BFA as we can get this gear from PVP this time very reliably. A quick solution would be to increase this weekly conquest cap by 300 so you would be able to get at least one item from the vendor each week. Combining that with the weekly vault will leave you with 2 powerful items a week which would be great. 

Another problem players have to deal with is the ridiculous amount of honor needed to upgrade conquest gear. Especially weapons which players save up for two-handed ones could finally buy this week. Those who purchased a two-handed weapon directly from conquest for 1800 of that currency need to spend almost 30,000 honor to upgrade their weapon all the way to 233. Needless to say, this is a ridiculous amount of honor that players are expected to farm in order to rank up their gear, especially when you consider you are only a couple of weeks away from the renown 22 which will allow players to upgrade their honor gear one more time. Something that you will once again need to farm plenty of honor for. 


Between Complexity Limit and Echo, Limit came out on top! It was a very close fight, with Echo just being a couple percentages behind but Limit proved they are the kings of the race. Limit took down Sire Denathrius first just one day before Christmas. Echo ended up grabbing their kill less than 16 hours after Limit’s kill. This Race to World First is one of the most exciting so far and hopefully more guilds can compete in the next tier. 

Race to World First: We have a winner in the race to defeat Mythic Castle  Nathria!

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