Make a FORTUNE In Shadowlands Leeching Elite Mobs | Shadowlands Goldmaking

Want to know how to make a fortune just by leeching where as you don’t have to do any work? Well, here’s how:

You have to go to Ardenweald and look for the patrol and you’ll see there are a lot of creatures following it. You’ll be able to pull beasts into helping you with AoE fights even though they aren’t pulling into the direction towards progressing in the world quests. You’ll also be able to pull additional reindeers and other sorts of beasts that are also skinnable and will also attract others to help you in killing elite mobs.

Where does that leave you, you ask? You’re there to leech off everyone that is helping you fight the elite mobs whereas you just sit there, maybe hit a few times, and watch your loot grow.

There are also rooms in the labyrinth that are full of beasts. Also make sure to always follow the patrol. You don’t need to be standing right below him. Just enough that you know where the patrol’s whereabouts is and pull it towards him.


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