How to prepare for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands launch

With simply a few days left before the awaited 8th expansion for World of Warcraft Shadowlands, players might be thinking about what they can do to plan for what comes straightaway. Even though there are some negative things, always keep in mind to give Blizzard one last chance and see if it does pull through. Here are some simple things to get ready and to prepare.

Pre-reset plan 

We all know that WoW Shadowlands has its new feature in the upcoming launch, which is the level squish. As preparation for that, the players will want to level their characters up as much as possible. 

Stockpile quests

Stockpile quests are advisable for alts because new characters need to finish the main story and get all the covenants on your entire shadowlands campaign, allowing them to get the max level.

Clean bags

With any new extension, players can anticipate new weapons or other loot. On and off chance, they have been failing to make space for things; this would be a good opportunity. Players can sell it in the auction house, modify things for simple access, and enter the extension with a lot of room in their bags. 

Clean bars

Same as cleaning your bag, now is also the right time to clean your bars. Remove those you don’t need or those keybinds that you weren’t even touching and set up some new ones to be ready in the future.

Buy gliders

Buying gliders or gunshoes is also one thing to prepare here in the latest expansion of WoW because the price of the product increases In every expansion of the game.

Catchup gear

Finally, get the catchup gear. This item will help boost your character, and also this item can help in leveling during the game.

Video chapters

0:00 – Intro
1:41 – Pre-Reset Plan
2:34 – Stockpile Quests
3:45 – Clean Bags
4:22 – Clean Bars
4:54 – Buy Gliders
5:17 – Catchup Gear
5:37 – Outro

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