Grateful Offering Farming GUIDE! Currency for Mounts/Transmog/Toys & Pets | Shadowlands

Grateful Offerings, that is the new currency required in your covenant sanctum when you play Shadowlands. Before, you can only see grateful offerings at the renowned vendor for the cosmetics and mounts or anything you want to buy in that vendor. However, it was initially in beta and added to the game later, making it harder to obtain.

Where did this come from?

What are Grateful Offerings, and what should you spend them on?

This is the reward you will receive after you go to where the anima conductor is located.

Areas where you can get Grateful Offerings

  1. Temple of Courage, Bastion
Kyrian Covenant: Prepare to Ascend — World of Warcraft — Blizzard News

Look for the wingflayer, the cruel which is just outside the necrotic wake. Kill him a lot of times, and he will drop two Grateful Offerings for you.

  1. Citadel of Loyalty, Bastion
Gilded Chest @ Citadel of Loyalty (Bastion), WoW Shadowlands - YouTube

Look for Eliminator Satorus and Larian Rider Oesitus, which are two elite NPCs. They usually drop six grateful offerings, and if you are a bastion covenant, they will also drop Phalynx of Humility.

  1. House of Constructs, Maldraxxus
WoW Shadowlands: Maldraxxus alluded to - the realm of eternal war -  Games-4-Geeks

Located in the top left of the zone, you will be looking for Geiger because it has a chance to drop the predatory plague rock mount.

  1. Theater of Pain, Maldraxxus
Theater of Pain - Zone - World of Warcraft

In this area, you have to look for Sabriel, the bone cleaver. He will be dropping six grateful offerings and a chance to get the Armored Bonehoof Tauralus, but this mount will be a necrolord only mount.

  1. Waynecrypt Hill, Revendreth
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In this area, you will look for Harika, the horrid. It would help if you got your Venthyr to find the bolt and give it to Wingsmash. It will make the NPC attackable, and once you killed Harika, it will provide you with two grateful offerings and a chance to get a horrid dreadwing.

  1. Forgemaster Madalav, Revendreth
Forgemaster Madalav - NPC - World of Warcraft

You can get six grateful offerings, and if you are a Venthyr, you have a chance to get a 3D back peace of Mantle of the forgemaster’s dark blades.

  1. Star Lake Amphithheater, Ardenweald

In this area, you will see a different boss every day, and you have to kill it so that you will have two grateful offerings.

  1. Tirna Scithe, Ardenweald
Wowhead on Twitter: "Mists of Tirna Scithe: Shadowlands Alpha Dungeon  Preview! Located in Ardenweald, this dungeon has a unique mechanic to it! # Shadowlands #Warcraft…"

In this area, you have to defeat Valfir, the unrelenting, and it will give you six grateful offerings and a chance to get the Wild Glimmerfur Prowler mount.

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02:50 – Temple of Courage, Bastion

03:04 – Citadel of Loyalty, Bastion

03:25 – House of Constructs, Maldraxxus

03:57 – Theater of Pain, Maldraxxus

04:15 – Waynecrypt Hill, Revendreth

04:49 – Forgemaster Madalav, Revendreth

05:10 – Star Lake Amphithheater, Ardenweald

05:46 – Tirna Scithe, Ardenweald

07:21 – Outro


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