This video will help you know what to farm as prices change and events happen as it will be hard to decide on what to farm. This will cover a few aspects to help you choose. Also, prices are based on mid-US and EU not just on everyone’s individual server.

1. Tier Enchanting

If you chose to go with Enchanting, our recommendation would be Tomes, Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery, then Versatility. Tomes do not use tranquil ink so it could be very cheap compared to others to make on your server. Versatility comes last due to the fact that how many tranquil inks it makes. But if you do choose that way, make sure to do your farming in the Maw for the fastest tranquil pigments.

2. Tier Herbalism

If you choose Herbalism, go wither bloom and nightshade. Also, make sure to buy all the death blossom when you can. The reason being is that they’re so low priced on some servers that you can get them and mill them for enchantments.

3. Tier Ore

Unlike Herbalism, you get a lot more ore per hour. So if you’ve just been on the Herbalism train, try mixing it up every once in a while with ore. A good farm would be in the Maw which is proven to be future-proof. Other than that, make sure to buy bark from vendors for 50 silvers and resell them at the Auction House.

4. Tier Skinning

Skinning has been number one all throughout this latest expansion. With Callous Hide and Heavy Callous Hide leading the tier and not decreasing as much as expected, you should have skinning as a side profession. This is undeniably the best gold per hour amongst all that are mentioned.

5. Tier Tailoring

Shrouded cloth has always been used for crafting so you should just buy the thread from the Capital City for a discount. For Lightless Silk, it will still sell but tailoring is just really low right now.

A quick reminder: as always, prices will differ for each server for Auction House. It is up to you to find which material you would want to farm or make. These are just the bases to start with.

Video Chapters:
0:00 – 0:28 Introduction
0:29 – 0:50 Tier Enchanting
0:51 – 1:14 Tier Herbalism
1:15 – 1:36 Tier Ore
1:37 – 2:18 Tier Skinning
2:19 – 2:39 Tier Tailoring
2:40 – 3:00 Outro

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