Priorities! – First week in WoW Shadowlands

Have no FOMO (fear of missing out) when World of Warcraft: Shadowlands launches on November 23, 2020!

There are only two (not nine) priorities in the first week of launch.

All priorities

In total, we have nine priorities:

  1. Conduits
  2. Legendaries
  3. Renown
  4. Soulbinds
  5. Soul ash
  6. Emmisaries
  7. Reputation
  8. Daily dungeons
  9. World quests

But relax!

The first 5 are on weekly lockout so ignore them in the first week:

  1. Conduits
  2. Legendaries
  3. Renown
  4. Soulbinds
  5. Soul ash

The next two do not affect player power:

  1. Emmisaries
  2. Reputation

Two priorities in first week

Only the last two priorities affect player power:

  1. Daily dungeons
  2. World quests

Focus only on these two in the first week of Shadowlands and you are golden!

Video chapters

8:46 – Get your Reputation from daily dungeons and daily heroics, do not grind World Quests or Callings.

8:52 – Do not buy pre-raid gear and bankrupt yourself! We will be limited to Mythic 0 and Heroic Dungeons at the Shadowlands launch, that’s it. This gear will be useless in about two weeks time when raids are released.

10:49 – There is an absolutely enormous amount of content in Shadowlands, but a lot of it is optional and can be done at any time in the future. Do not stress out about doing everything right away!

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