Final Shadowlands Warrior tuning, is it enough?

More changes, nerfs and buffs are coming to WoW, as we become closer to Shadowlands, let us share our thoughts on the recent changes on the Warrior class. 

Warrior Buffs

Arms Warrior

  • All damage increased by 6%
  • Cleaves no longer replaces sweeping strikes

Fury Warrior

  • All damage increased by 10%
  • Whirlwind cleave damage reduced by 5%
  • Bladestorm buffed by 10%
  • Haste can stack up to 4 times
  • Dragon roar can now reduce damage to targets

Thoughts on this Change

Arms Warrior Buff

The sweeping strike change is the biggest thing for the arms warrior, making cleave a viable talent. Cleave fills the void of AOE damage for warriors making deep wounds to multiple targets. It also works well with Dreadnaught and Crash the Ramparts solving a lot of problems for this class

Fury Warrior Buff

Bladestorm buff is great making it a competitive talent, and is doing solid damage on single targets in the low target cleave with  seven to eight target cleave scenarios making bladestorm a more appealing ability. Also having the 10% damage increased is a big thing for the Fury Warrior making his AOE damage pretty decent. On the other hand, the Whirlwind nerf is pretty balanced since Fury Warrior has the potential to scale out of control on cleave or AOE damage. 

Final Thoughts

  • Warriors are better class with the changes applied.
  • Overall the changes are good but there quite few more changes need to be made.
  • Both specs are better than before, but in terms of damage still the best. 
  • Fury Warrior is better, though not the best in terms of damage, but flows well and feels good to play
  • Arms Warrior feels better with cleave, damage can be considered as mid tier.

Video Chapters

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0:14 Warrior Buffs

2:50 Thoughts on the Warrior changes 

5:05 Final thoughts

5:58 Outro

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