Easy way of making gold – WoW Shadowlands pre-patch goldmaking 9.0.1

Are you having trouble earning gold in the new WoW Shadowlands? Well, here are some ways how you can make some gold!

Dalaran Crystalsong forest

Use the portal to Dalaran Crystalsong forest, go to the Old Raft of Lich King Dalaran. If you’re in Dalaran, go over to your faction area. If you’re an Alliance, go talk to Arcanist Ivrenne but if you’re a Horde go to Sunreaver’s Sanctuary and talk to Magistrix Lambriesse who will sell you those frozen orbs.

After getting the frozen orbs, you can go to the auction house and sell them because they are not expensive to post.

You can exchange the frozen orbs for eternal to Frozo the Renowned, then find the more expensive eternal than your orb in your auction house.

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