Druids are REALLY Strong in Shadowlands PvP – Here’s why

Spotlight’s on DRUID. What’s it like in PvP as a Feral Druid- SUPERB. Not exactly the best but even without the best gear, Feral Druids can almost one shot enemies easily. Here are factors which make them so strong in Shadowlands. 


It is very useful as it allows you to sneak around and pick your fights– fighting only the enemies you feel comfortable to brawl with. If you see a player with 40k HP with a ton of armor, you can just avoid them. If you feel confident, you can take down one or two players with 25k HP each. You can also choose to avoid a big batch of enemies and proceed to your objective in a battleground. In the end, you have complete control on who you attack and when. This alone is a huge advantage when playing a Druid especially as a Feral because few other classes have this ability. 

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This is a cooldown ability that destructs anyone unfortunate enough to be its victim. You simply stun an enemy, use convoke the spirits and quickly pop 16 random abilities in just 4 seconds. It’ll do a huge amount of damage while healing you at the same time. No need to worry  about filling the energy bar, you just use convoke the spirits and your enemies’ health bar will drop to zero. To get this ability, you need to be part of the Night Fae covenant. If you are looking to be able to one shot opponents easily in pvp, then you cannot go without it. It is by far the best ability one can get from a covenant when it comes to pure burst damage in pvp. 


As a Feral Druid, you have access to a wide range of stuns and CC abilities you can use to control a fight. Whether you are fighting one or more opponent players at a time, this will help you in a number of ways. One, you can keep your enemies stunned so they cannot get away, heal or retaliate. You can stun enemies to heal yourself or gain distance if needed or to finish off another enemy. Feral Druid has access to rake stun which stuns the target for 4 seconds plus maim which can stun the enemy for another 5 seconds. Mighty Bash stuns the target for 4 seconds and if you are a Tauren you also have War Stomp which can stun all enemies around you for another 2 seconds. There is also Skull Bash which can interrupt spell casting and other CCs. As a Druid, you have many types of CC that you are almost at par with a Rogue, especially as a Feral Druid. These stuns allow you to give a ton of damage without getting hit yourself and most importantly can help you pop the convoke the spirits effectively to one shot most enemies.  

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As a Feral Druid, you have a lot of self heals. You can instantly heal yourself with regrowth while still in cat form every now and then while fighting an enemy. You can also instantly heal yourself to 30% of your full health with renewal and use frenzied regeneration for a further 30% within 3 seconds in bear form. Remember, when you use bear form, it increases your max health instantly too so you can switch to bear form then use the two abilities and back 60% of your increased HP before swapping back to cat form. If you stay in bear form, you can still do some damage, hitting for 8% of a player’s total health in one hit with the strength of the wild. Do not forget thorns which can deal a lot of damage to melee players attacking you and deter them from attacking. Aside from self heals, the variety of forms also help you to stay alive or adapt to any situations that may come up. Swapping to different forms will get you out of any roots and can help you stay alive, get quick heals or CCs. Aside from core burst damage stuns, self healing abilities and survivability, you can also bring down enemies in a sophisticated way if you prefer by bleeding them out using abilities like rake and rip and even utilizing talents that increase bleed damage. It is not as “burst-y” but some may prefer this kind of play style when you keep up the bleeds on enemies while keeping some distance when necessary and surviving long enough to watch them bleed to death. 

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Feral Druids have a ton or survivability just from the self heals alone without even considering the stuns, CCs and massive burst damage available to you. It is fair enough to say that Feral Druids are definitely a strong pick right now, not the best but far from worst and may actually be in the top tier of the best PVP classes in Shadowlands right now. Let’s see how things will play out in future updates and the upcoming pvp season.

Are you ready to roll with a Druid? Or are you rocking one right now? 

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