Destruction Warlock Talents Guide! | Single Target, Raiding, M+, and AoE | World of Warcraft Shadowlands

A beginner-friendly guide to Destruction Warlock’s talent guide. From choosing on whether you’re focusing on a single target or a trash pack. But if you’re into more advanced strategies and situational talent builds, this is where you can get starting ideas from. These are the general builds that aim to provide optimal gameplay and lots of fun.

Destruction Warlock talent choices are divided into two simple categories: the ones for single-target and the ones for AoE.

When it comes to single-target choices, more particularly raid bosses, your level 15 slots should be Flashover while the level 25 one is Reverse Entropy. When it comes to level 30 talents, Burning Rush is highly recommended since it’s a valuable speed buff to Warlocks. Your level 35 slot should be Cataclysm which reduces casting time for dot applying. For level 40 you’ll want Mortal Coil which is the best Warlock spells that comes with a great heal. Lastly for level 45, you would want Roaring Blaze which buffs the damage of your soul shard generators and goes really well with your recommended level 50 choice which is Channel Demonfire. It affects all your emulate affected targets within 40 yards.

In regards to AoE talent in Mythic Plus environments in general, you’d wanna focus even more on those talents that help you kill more trash mobs. You just need to adjust three talents in comparison to the previous group. The first one is your level 35 slot where you wanna pick Fire and Brimstone over Cataclysm for more damage and faster soul shard generation. The second is your level 45, you’d wanna swap it with the Rain of Chaos. Lastly, at level 50, go with Soul Conduit just to have more of those soul shards.

These still all depend on the circumstances, your skill level, and preference, you may still want to swap these talent picks for something else. But if you’re still getting into Destruction Warlock, the mentioned talent groups are a good place to start.

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