Artificer Xy’mox Raid Guide – Normal/Heroic Artificer Xy’mox Castle Nathria Boss Guide

We have your back! Here are tips and strategies for defeating Artificer Xy’mox on normal and heroic difficulty. 

The big thing about this fight is wormholes. Dimensional Tear will mark two players and after eight seconds they will spawn a pair of connected portals. And there’s a little AOE, thus must give a little space. Anyone in the raid can travel through these wormholes by just running into one and it will pop you out on the other. Wormholes last until the next set arrives and these are going to be used to deal with every mechanic. 

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Remember, you want one wormhole near the boss and the other one somewhere on the edge. Glyph of Destruction is our tank swap but with a twist. It’s a four second DoT on the tank and once it ends, it explodes for mega raid damage but with a distance drop off. The tank that gets this must move away from the raid, potentially using a wormhole. Exploding tank gets a debuff, the other tank will take the boss and that would be your swap. Watch out for Rift Blasts, don’t get tazed. These are little beam attacks which come out of portals. Unfortunately, Hyperlight Spark is completely unavoidable raid damage to keep the healers feeling needed. 

Wormholes, tank bombs and beams are for the whole fight. The rest depends on which phase you are in. 

Phase One – this will last until Xy’mox reaches 70% health. This phase has Fleeting Spirits adds which fixiate and chase people. They are very fast and if they catch you they can mind control you. All you can do is run away and you must use the wormholes to escape. If you get caught and get mind controlled, the raid has to DPS you to break you out. 

At 70% health, Phase Two, we switch over to Root of Extinction, which spawns big seed bombs. They will explode and give major damage in a huge radius after 20 seconds. They start out by covering the whole floor but you can pick them up to move them and you can carry them through wormholes to help move them faster. Remember to pick a side of the room for bombs and have people put the bombs with the other bombs and steer away from the bombs. 

At 40% health, we get to Phase Three which has a big sword in the middle. This will occasionally drag people in and do a baffling 25 yard AOE after 10 seconds. The drag gets faster over time and it is too strong to fight just normally so the most reliable solution is to use the wormhole to escape. Watch the timer for Edge of Annihilation and then jump right into the portal when it is about to go off. 

Castle Nathria Raid Testing (August 6th) - Heroic Artificer Xy'mox, Sire  Denathrius - Wowhead News


We are going to need more seeds to move during the root phase and there is also the new mechanic, Statis Traps. These spawn on the location of random players, they last ages and are nasty if you step on them. You can spend time on the edges until you need to do a mechanic yourself to avoid littering the floor with these traps. If someone gets caught, you can damage the trap to get them out. 

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