5 Quick WoW: Shadowlands TIPS! – Tips For Everyone!

Whether you are a new player or an experienced one, we tend to forget some of the important things that we should be doing in WoW Shadowlands. We have these 5 quick tips that can help you play better in Shadowlands!

1. Stylish Black Parasol Toy

Tip 1 is to remember that you collect this treasure, black parasol toy, from Revendreth. You can find this at the Abandoned Purlieu, at the coordinates 38.4 and 44.3, on the top of one of the castle walls surrounding Castle Nathria. You need to be at level 60 to loot this treasure. The Stylish Black Parasol works as a slow fall glide effect if you fall at great heights. Just keep in mind that if you enter combat while you’re gliding this parasol effect will be cancelled. 

2. Find Brutosaurs in Oribos easily

The next tip is to go to your mini map and right click it, and turn on Auctioneer tracking. Players that have obtained a Brutosaur mount are willing to provide auction access to others in Oribos. Enabling the Auctioneers tracking in your minimap allows the auction house mounts to be indicated right in your minimap making it easy to find the Brutosaurs. 

3. Make Sure your Anima Gains Count

Tip number 3 is to make sure when doing world quest at loot anima, you have backspace available. For it to count you need to loot directly from the world quest completion when you’re out in the zone. So if you’re not on the 1000 anima weekly quest make sure to have backspace free.

4. Stockpile Turn-ins for Quick Weekly

This tip also relates to tip number 3. Some quests in Shadowlands give you high amounts of anima, so what you can do with these quests is save them until the next reset. Wait until reset day and pick up the quest from your covenant sanctum for the thousand anima, then just turn in your finished quest from the previous week. This can be perfect with your alts, if you’re not actively playing them. 

5. Twisting Corridors for Legendary Powers

For the final tip, most of us have probably unlocked Torghast. Blizzard have made it so that unlocking Twisting Corridors on your alts is easier and quicker. If you run Twisting Corridors, you will randomly get 1 out of the 6 Torghast wings, so queuing up for the Layer 3+ and zone into the wing you need, all you need to complete is the first 6 floors to get the Legendary Power you want. 

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